Morpeth 10K 2017

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Morpeth 10K 2017

Morpeth 10K 2017 – Review, Results and Race Photos. It has been a wonderful and warm evening for the Morpeth 10K 2017 road race hosted by Morpeth Harriers. As ever the event has been very well organised and certainly well attended by the 251 runners who finished. For those who have never ran Morpeth 10K you will find your reward … Read More

Graco Relay Jogger Review

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Graco Relay Jogger

Graco Relay Jogger Review I picked up my Graco Relay Jogger in the middle of 2016 – and have been running with it ever since, now feels like the right time to write about it and share my thoughts/experiences using this pushchair for running. So what is the Graco Relay Jogger Pushchair and what do I think since purchase? Being … Read More

How to choose a running buggy

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Running Dad Buggy

Choosing a running buggy. A Running Buggy / Running Stroller / Running Pushchair / Jogging Stroller. Yes they are pretty much the same thing but depending what you use to do your research, the results retuned may vary. I put a considerable amount of time into checking out reviews of various buggies before I settled on one that suited my … Read More

Buying Running Shoes

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Running Shoes - Brooks Ravenna 6

Buying Running Shoes I will always remember the first time I took my wife, Kerry, shopping for her first pair of running shoes. Having encouraged her to take up the Couch to 5K program, I also felt it was my duty to ensure she didn’t make the same mistakes I did when starting my running journey. Having passed the acid … Read More

The Great North Run – C2GNR Part 5

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Great North Run 2014

The Great North Run – C2GNR Part 5. Race day was upon me.  I had trained hard, survived injury, and resorted to swapping shoes, but I was ready. I had the fantastic help of my fellow runners from the group who took me under their wing. A taxi to the start was booked and I was assured of a lift … Read More

C2GNR Part 4 – The Farm Park

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C2GNR Part 4 – The Farm Park. I didn’t realise it at the time but I had also just made another big mistake – I had ran Morpeth in brand new shoes. After a day of rest I went out for a run with my niece and two things happened to me. First I had discomfort in the sole of … Read More

C2GNR Part 2- Running sensible

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Running sensible

C2GNR Part 2- Running sensible Fast-forward 4 weeks (or click on my third ever activity on Strava – whatever is easier), I get back out there with my trainers on. Start small and build it up were the thoughts playing in my head, being all sensible now I kept this run down to about 24 minutes covering 1.8 miles of … Read More

How to start running – end up at The Hopital

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how to start running

How I started running. I have decided to write about my running journey “The Couch to The Great North Run” – and this is the first instalment! Let’s call it… Part 1. Back in August 2013 I decided to take up running; I had no plan and no goal either. I winged it and made pretty much every mistake you … Read More

Who I am and how this all started… running that is.

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Running Dad

Who I am and how I started running. Hi, I’m Kev and I would like to tell you a bit about myself and how I started running. Like most people I’m a bit average at everything, so fitness experts and grammar / spelling Nazis might find some of this stuff painful to read. I never liked running at school which … Read More