Who I am and how this all started… running that is.

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Running Dad

Who I am and how I started running.

Hi, I’m Kev and I would like to tell you a bit about myself and how I started running.

Like most people I’m a bit average at everything, so fitness experts and grammar / spelling Nazis might find some of this stuff painful to read.

I never liked running at school which is a bit ironic now that I run and write about it! But it’s true and it shaped my attitude and thinking towards exercise generally for years to come.

Up until the age of 16 I would get away with eating what I wanted and doing the bare minimum exercise. Football? Err… sort of, I would be in defence. Rugby? No thank you! Cross country? Sorry I can’t hear you while I’m hiding in this ditch. I didn’t mind sprinting 100M as it was over quick. You get the picture.

So I got fat, got older, got a job, discovered and started to enjoy my beer then when parenthood was happening I grew up. Over the years I had steadily been putting on weight (scary how you don’t notice your size of jeans going up!). When I became a dad for the first time I stopped thinking just about myself and over the next couple of years I realised that I couldn’t quite keep up with my very energetic daughter; something had to change and it was me. I didn’t want to be the fat unfit dad who couldn’t play for very long with his little girl, where’s the fun in huffing and puffing when you should be making enjoyable memories.

Enough was enough. I needed something to do to improve my fitness. I’d already done the whole gym thing; it became a monthly tax for a piece of card in my pocket that I didn’t use very much.

So, having seen these lunatics over the years dressed brightly out running in all sorts of weather conditions I thought it might be worth a shot. I mean running is an inexpensive and freely accessible sport right? If it’s a fad then no big loss on the outlay of a pair of trainers, shorts and a T-shirt (cotton, what was I thinking?)

Decision made, running was my new sport. No longer to be one of those things other people do any more, I was going to give it a go…

So a runner was born.