C2GNR Part 3 – My first road race, Morpeth 10K.

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Morpeth 10K 2014

Morpeth 10K – AKA The fly in the eye.

05/08/2014 – Morpeth 10K was going to be my first race, I parked up in the allocated parking and got changed. Easier said than done in a carpark but I managed. A walk to the Race HQ and I had my entry and number sorted. Being a novice I was wondering what all these nutters around me were doing running on the way to the start line and thinking to myself that they are just wasting their energy. So I just did some dynamic stretches as we were waiting to start.

The race started and what a learning curve it was for me, setting off with a crowd, you tend to run faster so I tried to slow down to keep control. Then there is the unpredictability of people moving in and out of the crowd, people catching your feet …this was the baptism of fire I was looking for, just on a much smaller scale than the Great North Run.

The race went as good as it could for 5 miles; then I got a fly stuck in my eye. What a way to go… drowning and being moderatly crushed as I tried to fish it out! Not much I could do about it but to press on knowing there was help at the end. It was a relief to see someone with a first aid kit and eye was wating at the end. With all these serious runners about I thought I would be the runner who comes in last (these are the genuine thoughts you have being new) and that I would get some sort of slow golf clap as I came in. To my surprise I wasn’t last and I was feeling reasonably strong when I finished too – I could have raced harder I thought to myself. Unfortunately due to a technical problem I didn’t get my results that evening but I did get a belly full of hot food at the race HQ.





Checking the website like some crazy possessed person, the results FINALLY came up. Of a field of 302 runners I finished 263rd place in a time of 53 minutes 53 seconds. This gave me a great boost!


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